Download and print this wallet-sized card, keep it in your vehicle, and hand it to the officer if you are stopped by immigration or the police.

Know Your Rights Under Texas’ Deportation Scheme SB 4

General information from ACLU TX about your rights under the new SB 4 laws.

SB 4 Community Advisory

A resource created by Immigrant Legal Resource Center ( for individuals who work directly with the immigrant community to raise awareness.

Family Safety & Preparedness Packet

Resources created by the Houston Immigration Legal Services Collaborative and Baker Riply to help you compile important information and documents for your family.

The Plan is to Have a Plan: How to Protect Yourself in Case of Deportation

Make a plan for your assets (bank account, house, car, etc.) in case you are arrested or deported with these resources from Texas Appleseed.

Protecting Assets & Child Custody in the Face of Deportation

A guide for Practitioners assisting immigrant families created by Texas Appleseed.